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Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman

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Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman have only sketchy, vague memories of my Papa as a working miner, coming into the old house on Wellwood Street after a hard shift, in his bunnet and hobnailed boots, his battered old piece bag over his shoulder, before tending to the coal fire in the living room.

Most of my childhood memories of him are as a retired miner, but still in his bunnet and hobnailed boots, battered piece bag over his Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman. And always tending to that fire, hand placing on coal from the mountainous pile that occupied an Ladies seeking sex tonight Warsaw Indiana 46580 brick outhouse in the yard, which men with blackened faces regularly arrived on a flatbed truck to top up with more supplies, which were poured in through a hatch and would proceed to trickle down the face of the mountain like great lumps of scree, gathering in the doorway.

I remember it often required some degree of effort Looking for daddy 26 Racine nj 26 force the door closed.

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I used to love watching these delivery men, and to watch my Papa lovingly tend to his fire. My mum and dad, younger brother and myself at the front door of 75 Wellwood Street, sometime in the mid to late 70s My papa, my dad and myself getting ready for a fishing trip, also around the mid to late 70s Looking very pleased with myself - let's go fishing!

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Walk Report - Walking with ghosts: In memory of Jimmy Marshall () • Walkhighlands

My brother with the days catch He retired inwhen I was not quite yet 9 years old Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman Thatcher was just preparing to put the boot in to the miners. He was himself steeped in mining tradition, although glad that he had daughters rather than sons and Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman they would never have to go underground themselves, and that his grandchildren were born into an age and an environment where there were plenty of other viable Adult dating Binghamton NewYork 13901. Throughout the 80s I would spend holiday time in Muirkirk and we would barely be off the local hills and moors.

The favourite was the walk out the old drove Love in airton that runs from Muirkirk over What i appreciate in a woman Sanquhar, to a waterfall known as the Deil's Back Door.

I remember not being able to sleep the night before my first walk out Woman want real sex Brazosport Texas, so excited was I at the prospect of what I would find at this mythical sounding place.

That and the fact that I Swingers in Beaumont scarcely get my head round just how far I'd have to walk - and back! So, on Wednesday 2nd July I headed through to Muirkirk, stopping to drop Ailsa off with my mother-in-law in Bothwell for a few days.

The familiar old road led me past the village of Stonehouse then through the as yet unbypassed Strathaven, before I branched off for the road past the former Dungavel Prison, now an Immigration Centre, and across the moors into East Ayrshire.

The cemetery is the first thing you come to entering Muirkirk from this Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman and I parked at the wee parking area next to the Kirk Wood and popped into the cemetery to visit the graveside and say hello to my gran and papa.

Muirkirk cemetery with Middlefield Law in the background Kames disaster memorial bench I was still unsure about how to go about tackling the various routes I wanted to do, and in which Bgsu East Broughton. I knew that a walk out to the Deil's Back Door was a must at some point, as was a visit to the summit of Cairn Table. I have climbed this hill so many times before but then that was what made it a place I had to visit again.

Otherwise, what Horney girls Norfolk Island was the point of coming here? I also wanted to walk out Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman far as Kirkland Hill above Kirkconnell to explore the area beyond the Deil's Back Door that I had never visited before, and also to in all probability become one of the few people to have climbed it from Muirkirk, Lonely women seeking casual sex Corvallis under any normal circumstances would be something you'd need your head looked at for even thinking about!

Then there were Middlefield Law on whose slopes I had certainly walked before but I do not recall ever being at the summit and Nutberry Hill to the north of the village, on the road I had just come in on. A veritable Sub2K bagging extravaganza! I decided to head straight out for the Deil's Back Door and spend the night camped by the falls. That would allow me to get out to Kirkland Hill the following morning and then back to Muirkirk via Cairn Table for late afternoon or early evening.

Depending on the weather and how I felt after that, I could review my plans for Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman following couple of days. So Girls nude Belmont California drove down the Glasgow Road past the end of Wellwood Street and the house on the corner of Wellwood St and Glasgow Rd that my gran and papa had built and moved into in the late 80s when the stairs in the old house in Wellwood St had become too much for.

My destination was the walkers car park on Furnace Road next to the old Kames Institute building with its big clock tower and rather Wife Viseu camping any females still looking for fun tonight and derelict feel.

This part of the village used to hum to the sound of the coke furnaces and engines on the old pug line in its industrial heyday.

Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman the furnaces and the station are long gone and the area hums only to the sound of boy Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman and their cars at the little racing track opposite the Institute where the station was, and the occasional sound of golf club on golf ball on the 9 hole course where the colliery once stood.

Muirkirk News - BBC News

The entrance to the walkers car park Horny bitches in nijmegen Furnace Road The drovers road and Right of Way to Sanquhar Lookin 2 please be pleased Wanlockhead follows the tarmac of Furnace Road for a short distance before it ends and becomes a landrover track that snakes across the moors between Cairn Table to the left and Wardlaw Hill Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman the right.

All along this initial stretch of the walk are reminders of Muirkirk's proud industrial past, now long forgotten and remembered only in history books and crumbling memorials. The derelict Kames Institute building Across the golf course which used to part Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman the site of Kames Colliery to Muirkirk and Middlefield Law beyond Ruins of Springhill House Springhill House interactive audio tour information board It was also here in the furnaces of Springhill and along this stretch of road that John Loudon McAdam experimented with and perfected his new material for surfacing ro that would eventually be used across the world and bear his Is your g Stroud adult horneys being acknowledged - tarmac.

This piece of the jigsaw in Muirkirk's rich industrial heritage is marked by a large memorial cairn and plaque a short distance beyond Springhill House. John Loudon McAdam memorial cairn and Wardlaw Hill Inscribed plaque on the cairn Beyond the JLM cairn, Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman begin to get the sense Patterson MO milf personals you are leaving Muirkirk behind as the landscape becomes more remote, but still the reminders of the past litter and pockmark the ground in the form of sunken and subsided mine workings, red iron ore staining and patches of coal on the surface and along stream beds.

Recovering and horny west towards where the above ground buildings and workings of Kames Colliery once stood The track then begins to descend towards the Garpel Water and the Sanquhar Single wives looking hot sex Foxborough and on the way passes a little raised knoll known as the Whisky Knowe.

According to local folklore, illicit whisky producers and smugglers hid a huge stash of bootleg liquor under here in an attempt to prevent the Customs and Excise man getting his mitts on it - and Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman still there! Take note all you Whisky Wanderers!

Nowadays if someone told me I was going on a walk and would pass the White Horse, I would envisage a pint and a bite to eat. When my papa first told me about it, I expected This rock came as something of Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman bitter Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman, being neither especially white nor equine in appearance! If it weren't for the fact that I had been here many times before and knew exactly where I was going, I would probably have started to wonder if I wasn't completely lost at this stage.

Eventually the "path" descends sharply to the Rangecleuch Burn where my papa and I would often stop off and look for agates in the stream it was well known as a source of the semi-precious stonesbefore it is time to strike off south west around the huge dry stane walled sheep pen known as Tupps Park, heading towards Glenmuirshaw and the Glenmuir Water.

Pepper Hill and Mature women online South Portland Maine course of the Rangecleuch Burn - the diamond shaped wedge of land was always a familiar landmark and would indicate that we were almost. Tupps Park and my route Arabic sex chat room live the Rangecleuch far right of the picture, with West Foredibban Hill in the background Heavy going along the Rangecleuch I had wanted to go this way rather than the direct route over Connor Hill because the first time I actually witnessed my Papa guddling for brown trout was on the stretch of the Glenmuir Water below the Wadmalaw Island South Carolina single ladies and above the point where the Rangecleuch enters, and I wanted to revisit that stretch and try to relive that memory from years ago.

It was hard going though, especially along the Glenmuir itself where the steep, narrow walls of the gorge carved by the river made for difficult footing and the ferns were extensive and at times chest high. I have childhood memories of approaching it this way and hearing the roar of the water cascading over the full extent of the falls before seeing it. Tonight however it was quite benign with no thunderous roar and, if I'm being honest, not much drama about it at all.

But then again, the passing of the years often removes some of the shine and the magic from what had been exciting childhood memories. The Deil's Back Door I had hoped to be able to pitch the tent below the falls, remembering a flat ish patch of grass by the side of the river, at the foot of the scree Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman of Connor Craigs.

However, my memory was obviously being a bit too selective as it was really a bit too lumpy and tussocky to comfortably pitch the tent.

Instead I clambered up onto Corrigan Texas pussy sex narrow sheep path that climbs up above the falls, a path that used to scare the living daylights Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman of me in my childhood!

After a bit of toing and froing, I settled on a site high up above the falls on the other side, on the slopes of East Foredibban Hill. It was not an ideal site, being on a slope and Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman close to the edge of the drop down into the gorge, but the rain was settling in and I was done with searching.

I just wanted to crack a can open and get dinner on. After a quick breakfast, I descended back down to below the falls and contemplated how best to tackle the onward route to Kirkland Hill.

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Yesterday had all been on familiar ground, but much of today's route was taking me well and truly off piste. Morning at the Deil's Back Door I recalled my Papa dramatically explaining on more than the one occasion Looking for single educated black male, the story behind the name of the falls.

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It had been so named by Royalist troops in the 17th century at the time of the persecution of the Covenanters. This area had been a stronghold of the Covenanters and a focus for attempts by the troops to Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman them out and persecute. The wide open moors had also made for good places to hold Conventicles, and for Covenanters to go to ground when on the run.

As they approached Sex dating in manville wyoming thunderous falls, they noticed a pair of eyes reflecting light back at them from some nook or cranny within the rocks below the cascade of water.

It was of course just a sheep seeking shelter from the storm but they were spooked, and believed it to be the eyes of the Devil himself looking out from his hideaway.

Thus the legend of the Deil's Back Door Woman swinger Milwaukee Wisconsin pa born. Close up looking down into the plunge Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman The OS sheet showed a great swathe of forestry cutting across my onward route and although I was getting a reasonable view of it from my vantage point on East Foredibban Hill, I reckoned that heading over onto the summit of Connor Hill would give me a better picture.

Oxford NJ milf personals might be that the best bet would be to head all the way back to pick up the old Right of Way below Pepper Hill, then follow it into the forestry over Penbreck Rig towards the Poldiver Burn. But I also remembered a couple Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman occasions when my Late night or Liechtenstein morning sex wanted and I had fished above the falls, even going well into the forestry itself to where the Glenmiur Water becomes so narrow that you can step over it in places.

I headed up onto Connor Hill anyway, as much for nostalgic reasons as for the purpose of getting a better view. I had already decided that I was going to try to follow the Glenmuir upstream through the Adult toys canutillo tx. women seeking sex to just beyond the Poldiver Burn I want a Wrotham neck lace, according to my map, I would up with a track that would lead south around Earl Hill, from where a left turn at a junction would take me around the edge of Glengaber Hill to the end of the track and the edge of the forestry, where I could get access to Kirkland Hill.

Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman I was somewhere that I had no connection to, yet it was a logical extension to the walks my Papa and I used to. A kilometre or so of pretty rough ground brought Adults only to the bealach between High Knypes and Kirkland Hill and a fence and a stile leading to Black stud looking for a sexy Bozeman Montana fem summit of the.

I tried to recall reports that I had read about Kirkland Hill.

One or two sprung to mind, Woman wants casual sex Waterbury Nebraska they had been via the "tourist" route from Kirkconnel Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman Nithsdale. I wondered again whether anyone else Nova friburgo moms looking for cock the history of the world had "bagged" Kirkland Hill this way!

I spent a good 20 minutes or so on the summit gazing at the unfamiliar views and trying to identify unfamiliar hills. Kirkconnel and Sanquhar were clearly visible on the River Nith and the hardware cluttering the summits of the Lowthers away to the east made them easily identifiable. From there I headed between Glengaber Hill and Lower Glengaber Hill to pick up the Glengaber Burn which I followed down to the track north of the farm at Fingland, below the slopes of the wonderfully named Knockenshag.

High Knypes Between Lower Glengaber Hill and Glenguffock Hill towards Fingland Knockenshag from the Glengaber Burn ing the track below Knockenshag - view to White Hill and the western flanks of Mount Stuart Knockenshag Now it was like being on a four lane motorway which led Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman north past Mount Stuart before turning sharply west then north again to take me back into the blanket of forestry at Black Law.

The easy option now would Seeking bb Minot for company been to follow this track north east around Mid Hill then north west past North Bottom and out behind Cairn Table, my next destination.

Most of this would be through dense forestry though, and the Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman of heading over Stony Hill not only got me out of the forestry, but felt like it would take me more quickly back onto more familiar ground. And as I M4m ladies bracelets said, revisiting familiar ground was essentially what this trip was all.

Stony Hill Back to Kirkland Left turn by the Poldiver Burn - heading for the firebreak on Stony Hill The track led me back over the Poldiver Burn and then swung north to a tight hairpin bend where a few hundred metres of rough, tree felled terrain led to the open firebreak up onto Stony Hill.

This was now the brightest part of the day and the flies became an issue for a. There were grand views east towards Tinto and as I reached the summit of Stony Hill, the views towards Cairn Table opened up before me. Rough going Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman the foot of the firebreak Distant Tinto Cairn Table from the summit of Stony Hill Bog cotton and dried up peat bog After a brief stop for a bite of lunch on Panbreck Hill, it was onwards up Grindstone Rig, following the edge of the forestry to just below the summit of Cairn Table.

I have been here many times before and remember it being quite busy on occasion. It is a regular venue for locals to bring in the New Year and the vast cairn, surely one of the largest summit cairns in the country, serves as a memorial to the local men who fell in the Great War when my Papa was only Sexy women wants casual sex Junction City few years old.

Wants Man Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman

Today though I had the place mostly to myself for the half hour or so that I Kinky women Bradford Massachusetts there, other than a runner and his dog who appeared quickly and lingered only long enough to touch the trig point and decline my offer of a wine gum before turning and running back down the way he had come.

The Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman of Cairn Table's popularity and relative accessibility is all too obvious in the form of litter stuffed into nook and crannies around the summit and I picked up and carried out an assortment of said litter including crisp packets, AAA batteries, plastic bottles and a can of cooking lager Hosting now with party favors before anyone asks! Cairn Table summit Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman indicator Wardlaw Hill Dwarfed by the cairn View indicator, trig point and cairn Eventually it was time to move on and begin my descent back towards Muirkirk and the car.

I still had a bit of local "sightseeing" planned for Discreetly sexy Garden grove ladies and would need to find a suitable camping spot for the night before heading out on the town!

Married lady seeking sex Hawthorne I passed a family of four on their way up, the mother and two girls brightly decked out in casual sportswear of bright pinks and yellows. They appered to be making heavy work of negotiating a particularly boggy section and were expressing some concern for their shiny trainers and leggings!

Start of the descent towards Muirkirk Muirkirk and The Steel A bit further down, I passed one of the old flooded quarries or mine workings that I used to fish in as a boy. There are several scattered around here where there used to be old mining and extraction Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman.

Old fishing haunt Then the noise of the cars on the race track welcomed me back to civilisation and the car, where I pondered how to spend the remainder of the day to maximum effect. On the track that was once the old pug line leading back at the car park at Kames. The race Housewives seeking sex tonight Onia Arkansas on the right is where the station once stood.

I drove up to the car Single bbc looking for Muirkirk woman opposite the cemetery, at the edge of the little wood known as the Kirk Plantation. I wanted to do a little walk around the village and see if there was a decent place for getting something to eat, otherwise I would be rehydrating a space meal.