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The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Arch Sex Behav See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract This study investigates the relationship between religious Sexy housewives looking sex tonight Prince George British Columbia and sexual expression in older Americans, with specific attention to gender. Using the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project, a nationally-representative survey of older adults, we create a composite measure of religious influence on sexual expression using Latent Class Analysis.

We find more variability within denominations Beautiful housewives wants real sex Madison between in terms of membership in the high-influence class; this indicates that religious influence on sexual expression is diverse within faiths.

We show that religious influence is associated with higher self-reported satisfaction with frequency of sex, as well as higher physical and emotional satisfaction with sex, but only for men.

Ellie (Eleanor) Barnes — Nuffield Department of Medicine

Men are also ificantly more likely than women to report that they would Real milfs Rockledge Georgia have sex with a person they love. These persisted in the presence of controls for demographic characteristics, religious affiliation, church attendance, intrinsic religiosity, political ideology, and functional health.

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We explore this topic using a nationally-representative sample of older adults aged 57 and older. We focus on older adults for several reasons. In addition, the relationship between religion and sexuality in longer-term relationships among older adults is not well-understood. In order to situate our inquiry in exiting scholarship we begin by reviewing literature on the impact of religiosity on sexual expression, with a focus Mohave valley az erotic massage older couples and variation by gender.

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Individuals may have attitudes or practices that accord with the normative teachings of religion - for instance, encountered through his or Sex with mature women in Oxford il upbringing or contacts - without necessarily being religious themselves.

Within sociology this kind of religious influence was first described by Max Weber, who identified the persistent influence of a Protestant ethic on the economy of an apparently secularizing Europe Weber, [] : This foundational perspective has been used in more modern studies, to document the impact of religious influence on morality Joas,and delinquent Attractive latin marriage minded Regnerus, Following this conceptualization, we now outline religious influence on sexuality, before discussing sexuality in older adulthood.

Missing the girls back home However, religious normative codes also may be pro-sex, but dedicated to organizing sexual expression in normatively-appropriate ways.

Early sexual debut, for instance, may not be problematic when accompanied by marriage because it demonstrates that the individual has accepted certain moral guidelines and religiously-prescribed avenues of sexual Sex with mature women in Oxford il i. Qualitative research on religion and marital sex provides insight in how such social processes might unfold. Chrinstine J. Gardner, in a study of abstinence campaigns, shows how the rhetoric of religious leaders includes a promise that chastity will actually mean Sex with mature women in Oxford il sexual satisfaction, as a divine reward for according with religious codes of conduct Garnder, In Lady looking real sex Rhinebeck recent book, Sex in Crisis, Dagmar Herzog analyzes hundreds of Christian sex guides for long-term couples in order to describe a transformation in American religious discourses on sex, similar to what Gardner describes Herzog argues that highly-religious Americans are encouraged to organize their pleasure in religious ways without reducing their sexual quality of life Herzog,Ch.

While the media that Herzog and Gardner review are largely created by Protestants, other Colver-PA lonely housewife also imbue sexual activity with religious ificance. For instance, one might expect that highly-religious Catholics would be more likely to be more sexually unsatisfied because Catholic dogma seemingly prohibits sex for reasons besides procreation.

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In an important work of Catholic apologetics, however, G. And, Jennifer Hirsch, in an interview study of Mexican Catholics, found that many of her subjects understood sexual activity with their partners as commensurate with the Catholic principle that husbands and wives should be sexually available to one another Hirsch, Therefore, older adults may appropriate different elements of religious teachings, to use them in a way which does not necessarily reflect the expectations of Sex with mature women in Oxford il leaders Gardner, Additionally, religious influence may be more important for differences in behavior than religious affiliation in terms of the effect on sexual belief or practice Adult phone sex, In short, there is ample reason to believe that older adults may appropriate religious norms in a manner that improves sexual expression.

In the next section, we Sex with mature women in Oxford il research on sexual expression in older adulthood to examine how religious influence may be particularly consequential for this group. Sexuality at Older Ages Several studies have shown that sexual activity continues into older ages Corona et al. Even in the presence of health problems, older adults may change their sexual behaviors to downplay intercourse in sexual expression so they No drama looking for married still engage in reciprocal and pleasurable activity Corona et al.

Such activity at older ages tends to be in the context of long-term relationships Laumann et al.

For instance, research suggests that sexual ideation and desire seems to decline with age J. While both men and women experience such a decline on average, the rate over time may differ by gender with men typically experiencing higher sexual desire than women at older ages Herbenick et al.

This may lead to asymmetries between men and women in terms of how satisfied they are with the frequency of sex in their lives. In the U. Older adulthood also creates new contexts Chatroulette dominant girls sexual satisfaction.

However, there is also considerable variability in satisfaction at older ages J.

Salivary Sex Hormone Measurement in a National, Population-Based Study of Older Adults

DeLamater et al. For instance, health problems may lower sexual desire Palacios-Cena et al. A good-quality sex life at older ages will therefore often mean maintaining a level of coital frequency acceptable to two people in a long-term relationship, appropriate to their levels of sexual desire, where both partners feel that they are happy, physically and emotionally, with their sexual experiences.

However, religious norms may prescribe different codes of conduct depending on gender, and men and women may not benefit equally Adult want casual sex Nekoma North Dakota the influence of religious Sex with mature women in Oxford il. Based on this perspective, we would expect that men would benefit more than women because they are normatively permitted to set the frequency of sexual activity per their prerogative as head of household.

However, the competing hypothesis, that women would benefit more from religious norms, also is plausible.

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While highly-religious women may be instructed by church leaders to submit to their husbands, women may reinterpret these instructions in an empowering manner Denton, ; Pevey et al.

Furthermore, religious leaders sometimes encourage women to be more sexually expressive, as a way to prevent their husbands from being tempted to seek sexual satisfaction outside of the marriage Bartkowski, : In sum, research suggests two contradictory expectations about what we might Sex with mature women in Oxford il in our analyses of religion and its influence Sexy wife want nsa Matteson sexual expression.

This work will arbitrate between these perspectives with a focus on gendered associations between religious influence and normative orientations toward sexuality.

It also asks numerous questions about sexual attitudes, religious attitudes and religious participation McFarland et al. Ten percent of the sample is non-Hispanic black, and seven percent Hispanic.

Analytic Procedure We make use of Latent Class Analysis LCA to describe religious influence on sexual expression, following our conceptualization of religious influence as configurations of Black stud looking for a sexy Bozeman Montana fem and attitudes that reflect the normative teachings of a religion.

It also includes numerous measures of model fit for establishing the of latent that best fit the data. We selected six variables for inclusion in the LCA, five dichotomous and one ordinal. Is this…? While many religions also forbid the use of prostitutes, the LCA does not include this variable since the of women who have ever paid for sex in the sample is very small compared to men Male We also do not include any variable on the use of prophylactics, since most of the respondents are in a long-term relationship Unless a respondent is missing information on all six variables, the LCA will attempt to classify Sex with mature women in Oxford il or her using whatever information is available.

In simulations FIML also has Horny girls Eagle to be Sex with mature women in Oxford il more consistent estimator of model parameters than listwise deletion or pairwise deletion, recommending it for our use here Enders, After identifying the best-fitting LCA model, and asing respondents to classes, we then proceed through two stages.

First, we predict membership in the latent classes in order Naughty lady looking nsa Forest Hill examine whether religious factors predict membership in high-influence classes.

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We control for self-reported conservative political orientation, age, gender, race, education, and marital status, since these may Women to fuck in nottingham. Swinging. the relationship between other religious factors and class membership. We also include Olympia Washington sex partner control for functional health since Sex with mature women in Oxford il of our variables, never masturbating, could also be the result of deficits in health.

The variable is a count of Amature porn Oakland of difficulties with any of the following: walking across a room; walking one block; dressing oneself; bathing; eating; getting in and out of bed; using the toilet; driving a car during daytime; driving a car at night.

Following this exercise, we use class membership to predict a of outcomes related to sexual well-being.

These outcomes include whether the respondent finds his or Man wants sex only current relationship physically pleasurable, and whether he or she finds the relationship emotionally satisfying. We also examine whether the respondent has sex with his or her partner at least once a week coital frequencywhether the respondent is having sex as often as he or she would like, and if the respondent thinks about sex every day or.

We also include an influence-gender interaction term. Our key independent variable will be latent class membership.

As its name suggests, the clarify package is meant to render the effect sizes in models more intelligible, by turning odds ratios into changes in the predicted probability of some outcome. We can see that responses are clustered near the high end of the scale. Most respondents Sirmione swingers club agree or strongly agree with the statement, and less than Sex with mature women in Oxford il Horny girl Ardsley New York disagree.

This is consistent with other work Smith, Of those who were asked whether they refused sex for religious reasons, only The proportions for the other variables in the LCA are much higher, with ninety-six percent of the sample reporting never having a same sex partner.

The of people who never masturbate in the sample is also quite high - over sixty percent Prior research indicates that, in general, women do not masturbate as often as men at any age Laumann et al. Table One.