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DOI: The relative degree of aggressive and nonaggressive interactions may depend on the reproductive condition of sender and receiver.

Individuals can benefit by clearly aling and detecting reproductive condition. Asian elephants Elephas maximus live in social matrilineal herds.

Females have long estrous cycles weeks composed of luteal weeks and follicular weeks phases. In this study, we observed the behavior of four captive Asian elephant females during multiple estrous cycles over 2 years.

Casual sex Ferrara We evaluated whether investigative, aggressive, and tail flicking behaviors were related to reproductive condition. Investigative trunk tip contacts showed no distinct pattern by senders, but were more prevalent toward female elephants that were in their follicular compared with their luteal phase.

The genital area was the most frequently contacted region and may release reproductively related chemoals. Aggression did not differ ificantly with estrus; however, rates of aggression were elevated when senders were approaching ovulation and receivers were in the luteal phase.

Females in the follicular phase may honestly advertise their condition. Contacts by conspecifics may serve to assess condition and reduce aggression.

A behavior termed "tail flicking" was performed mainly during the mid-follicular phase when estrogen and luteinizing hormone levels are known to traralgon sexy escorts. Tail flicking may disperse chemical als in urine or mucus as well as act as a tonic al that could provide a means of anticipating forthcoming ovulation by elephants and also Walkersville WV milf personals human observers and caretakers.

Zoo Biol ,