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I Looking Real Sex Looking for a nice girl to smoke me out

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Looking for a nice girl to smoke me out

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I like life but don't like the drama.

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Do you smoke a lot of weed?

But you'd say up as opposed to. Where are you from?

Looking for a nice girl to smoke me out I Am Wanting Men

From Vancouver. There's lots of marijuana. Oh, I know.

Can I take your photo? You're not going to make it look like I smoke weed, right?

My hot little neighbor

If you have weed and you let your friend get high, are you smoking him out Lady seeking sex tonight Mangum smoking him up? Paul: Smoking him up. Why up as opposed to out?

It was a total guess. I don't smoke.

Looking for a nice girl to smoke me out I Am Ready Man

But you'd still say up. Yeah, but I don't know. Maybe if I was in that scene I'd know that immediately. Are you from New York City?

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Originally I'm from Connecticut. Is getting someone high called smoking them up or smoking them out?

Amelia: Smoking them up. How so?

I Searching Cock

I dunno, I've never really thought of smoking them. Like, you don't smoke out, you smoke up.

Do stoners say "smoke up" a lot in Women fuck another That's an American term.

In Australia, it's a whole different weed smoking vocabulary. So what do they say in Australia?


I don't really know what we'd call it. Just "getting someone high," I guess.

Do you smoke someone out or smoke someone up? Alicia: Out.

Urban Dictionary: smoke me out

Out, not up. Peter: I say "up. We're staying in the house—we're going up, getting high. Alicia: Well, it's also taking you out of your brain. Peter: I think you're still in your brain, just a little bit up.

That's my rationale. Alicia: Where are you guys from?

Alicia: California. Peter: I'm from Maryland.

People from the East always say up. Peter: Which do you say?

Urban Dictionary: Smoke You Out

Hot housewives seeking casual sex North Stonington say out, but I'm from Seattle. So what do you think, out or up? Dan: See, I think it depends. If you have pot and I don't have pot you're going to smoke me. But if I have pot and you have pot, we're just going to smoke up.

So "smoke up" means you're smoking together, and "smoke out" means you're doing me a favor. Dan: Right, you're doing me a Still looking 3, it's like, "Hey, smoke me. Cause it's smoke up, get high, get lifted.

Lets be kissing friends

Conclusion: Smoking up is clearly more prevalent on the East Coast, but the small sample size, as well as the of people who lied to me and told me they didn't smoke weed makes this data suspect.

My hypothesis remains that the further West you go, the more likely you will get smoked out and not up. On a personal note after concluding my research, I will admit that what with lighting up and getting high, smoking does seem like Lineboro MD adult personals vertical activity, and Peter's "you don't leave the house" argument was persuasive.

Nevertheless, I still enjoy the sound of "smoking .