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Good times,Good times c

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Add your rating See all 4 kid reviews. What's the story? With the help of her well-intentioned but often-unemployed husband James John AmosFlorida "Flo" Evans Esther Rolle is raising a family in a neighborhood plagued by poverty, gang violence, street crime, and racial discrimination.

James and Flo are committed to raising their children -- aspiring artist J. Jimmie Walkerteenage Thelma BerNadette Stanisand young-but-intellectual Michael Ralph Carter -- with strong moral values that include respecting their elders, each other, and themselves.

During both the good times and the bad, the Evans family is supported by friends like neighbor Willona Woods Ja'net Dubois Looking for a puma cougar, later, building superintendent Nathan Bookman Johnny Brown and Willona's adopted daughter, Penny Janet Jackson. Together the group stays positive by believing in each other and the importance of striving for a better life.

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Continue reading Show less Is it any good? During the first few years of its original run, Good Times served as a platform for discussing social injustice in urban America. Early episodes moved away from stereotypes by presenting strong African-American characters Good times,Good times c something Need Lakeport girl to fuck to say about the issues of the time -- including Watergate, the gas crisis, and inflation.

Also ificant was Good times,Good times c show's focus on African-American pride, most notably articulated through Michael, who even at a young age was a committed activist for his community. Unfortunately, in later years Good Times shifted away from being a vehicle for positive family values to Ladies want hot sex Gowrie on the Walkers' brand of comedy -- which includes a lot of behavior that reinforces African-American stereotypes of the time.

Nonetheless, the show expanded the boundaries of African-American television, providing a strong foundation for future positive African-American role models. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about the way that TV portrays cities.

Why are problems like violence and drug use often shown as "inner-city" problems, when they're really everywhere? Is it possible to Nude York girls a good life in the inner city despite the social problems?

Why do you think that kind of life isn't shown more in the media? Families can also talk about strong African-American TV characters. Who do you think serve as positive African-American role models on television today?

How have African-American TV characters changed over time?