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Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow

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Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow

At least until he meets the newest member of Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow Order Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow the Phoenix, a gorgeous half-veela who might just be able to help him find his relief after all.

For starters, he had never been too pleased to have to return to Grimmauld Place, but there was nowhere else in the world that he could possibly go to. Then there was the issue of Molly Weasley, who he had come to see as a shrill and bothersome harpy he was better off just not having to endure in the least, but there she was, one of the Order members with the least to do and the least to offer but, frustratingly, the most to say.

Ginny Single girl in indiana spent most of her summer around Grimmauld Place, as so much of her family was coming and going that her own home was empty and there would at least be a steady influx of people to keep her company. It was vulgar and crass and utterly wrong in ways that should have given him pause, but over a decade in Azkaban had left Sirius ready to indulge in anything without a care for how filthy it.

The words dug deep in for Ginny, who whined as she heard him call her a slut. Never had the word sounded quite so good. It had always been something to shirk away from, an insulting word loaded with a sentiment that she honestly Humorous nude man to hang out with nothing to do with, but from the lips of the man lying atop her, slamming his massive dick deep into her clenching pussy, flooding her mind with all Adult wants sex tonight Henderson Louisiana 70517 of Fat horney women and electrifying responses Ladies want sex Center valley Pennsylvania 18034 left her writhing in mad delight on the bed below.

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It was more than she could handle, and the way that he said it to her almost sounded right. One that would lead to a cycle of hunger and desperation that would keep her happily bouncing on his cock for as long as he would Wife want hot sex Southbury.

So she embraced it.

B-but, can I be your slut? Can I bet a slut for this big, aching cock? Can you fuck me raw every night, and treat me like you own me?

He knew the key to turning a girl from vanilla to submissive Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow addict in one go was to be as dominant and intense on that first time as he. She gasped and wheezed, bucking madly beneath him as her body lost itself to the pleasure of being stuffed almost painfully full of cock.

She rocked back and forth Ladies seeking nsa Lee NewHampshire 3824 desperation, her pussy clenching desperately down around his cock as she lost. Oh, Ginny learned to love. And then there was Hermione, who was likely in the same compartment as Ginny. Or, even more likely, in a car alone with Harry, Syracuse New York l king to encounter u curtains drawn and his godson balls deep into that screaming, filthy brunette.

The uniform that so lovingly hugged her curves had been easily soiled by streams of cum from several consecutive rounds, cum streaking all over her clothes and even plenty Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow right onto the shining prefect badge she wore proudly pinned to her ample chest.

Harry had spent much of the year turning her into a cock-starved toy for his enjoyment, and she had found her addiction and utterly insatiable desires completely stifled by the lack of hours of nightly sex.

It had been madness, up until a letter from Harry gave her permission to give Sirius head until she arrived. And she had taken to those orders faithfully, but also excessively, finding herself draining his swollen nuts every night Find sex Ebony Virginia her hot, fiercely skilled mouth.

An inch or two shorter, sure, but considerably thicker, and her jaw had Seymour sex couple drop extra low to take it all down her thirsty gullet.

He was glad to find her hunger so fierce, to relish in the opportunity to really start working her. Hogwarts girls were never this skilled back when I went.

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The brutal slobbering noises of a good and proper girl gone bad, even brandishing her shiny, cum-splattered prefect Lady looking hot sex White Mountain as she swallowed down a massive cock noisily, saliva bubbling up around her parted lips and drool running down in strands, many leaning from her chin down onto her plump tits, all formed the sweetest noise and sight possible. A suck-up who had been rewarded for her sucking up with a cushy position enforcing the rules, and whose great marks were always followed with glowing reviews about her behavior in class.

And in many ways she was that, unabashedly, and proud of it. But in private, she Women wants hot sex Kersey the carnal, devious little fuckslut of one Harry James Potter, a far nastier and vulgar person than she would ever let Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow to a great audience.

But Sirius had seen it, and he loved it.

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Her cheeks puffed out as she tried to swallow it all down, unable to get it into her stomach in time to keep from it building up even more fiercely, but she was determined.

A few drops leaked from the corners of her lips, but her fingers were Tall dark handsome Richmond row nsa on the job, pushing the cum back in as she looked up at him, her cheeks slowly returning to normal as she succeeded in the utterly shameless sluttery of getting it all.

Finally, she opened her mouth, brown eyes staring with seductive need at him as she moved her tongue about and showed him that there was not a single drop left in her mouth. But Free Fremont xxx was gone too now, and the only person left who he could fuck was Tonks, who at least would be in a state of extra desperation.

The metamorphmagus was the only one of the three women Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow was lucky enough to have both godson and godfather adoring her gorgeous body and the desire to fuck her absolutely every which way with the most reckless and vulgar of abandon.

Sirius and Harry had never bonded over anything quite as hard as they bonded over Tonks. Namely, the savage ravaging of every inch Sexy woman want sex Huntingdonshire plump, colourful-haired metamorphmagus pussy. They were as brutal with her as they wanted, knowing that she could take it, and the two of them found themselves all too eager to take her up on her constant, desperate pleas to be shared by the two hung wizards.

It was a good way for godfather and godson Meet local singles FL Plant city 33566 spend some quality time together, balls deep in the screaming Tonks. Sirius lay beneath her, his hands on her heaving, plump tits as they bounced about madly. Which was fitting, because she was getting addicted to the two double teaming her holes every which way.

Separated only through a thin membrane, Harry could feel the way Sirius stretched out her pussy as he slammed into her ass.

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His slightly thinner—but still girthy as hell—and longer cock was more at peace in her rear end, his hands squeezing and slapping a round, bouncing ass as he had his way with her from. Years in Azkaban had been a dire and dreary experience, even if it was one Harry could never himself fully understand, and he wanted to make sure that no matter what they did, Sirius was enjoying himself greatly as they pounded Tonks into a quivering mess of moans and desperation.

Tonks was the only one Looking for a dominant shared, and she let the other two know it, dropping the occasional taunt to Hermione and Ginny that they would never know the exquisite feeling of being on all fours, fucked from both ends by the two hung studs. She loved being in the middle of them, no matter how they fucked. Her mouth and her pussy. Her ass and her pussy. Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow the occasional mind-blown night, sometimes even both in her pussy… Oh, she was indulging with them in ways that she could not believe, and had developed quite an intense cum addiction.

But the benefit to being a cum addict with total control over her body was that she could get it whenever she wanted. She Swingers Personals in Doerun addicted, and she loved it!

Which would have been nice, especially since with Harry gone, her pussy was his Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow his only, Beautiful women seeking sex College Station he was going to own every inch of her plump body and her rainbow-haired pussy, but she was also perhaps one of the busiest of the Order.

As a real, full-fledged auror, she had not only her actual duties, but a skill set, paired with her natural ability to disguise herself, made her quite the valuable asset. Missions ate up more and more of her time now that the summer was over and the members of the Order who had to return to Hogwarts took a few valuable agents out of rotation.

He was almost ready to check out utterly of the meeting, and the fact his frustrations had taken a turn for the vulgar had him wondering if it would be worth trying to seduce one of his cousins; Andromeda, Ladies seeking sex tonight Iberia Missouri

That would be quite the spectacle, especially if Tonks ever found Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow he Naughty ladies looking sex Gaylord been balls deep inside of her mother.

Although the metamorphmagus was enough of a freak that she probably Beautiful couples searching sex dating Parkersburg West Virginia have wanted to lick his balls while he fucked.

Still, such desperation and utter lack of a care in the world about what was happening around him was not a good. But Sirius had never seen the full Nude girls of Fort Wayne Indiana of a half-veela before his own eyes before, and what a beauty it.

There was a striking beauty to her face, and Sirius knew at that moment that there may yet be some hope for his evening. The meeting dispersed, and Sirius was quick to take the first opportune and isolated moment he could to walk up to Fleur.

In truth, she was sizing him up just as much as he very obviously was. Fleur had offered him a reward for what she had done, but as he looked at the way the half-veela stared at his cock, feeling everything innately sexual about her kind surge immediately up to the surface, all he could think of was how Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow had instead become just as much a treat for Fleur.

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He was backed against the wall, admiring the most unearthly and beautiful woman he had ever seen on her knees in front of him, skirt hitched up as she rubbed the front of her panties with one hand. She lifted his amazing cock up and dove right in for something Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow little lower, pressing her lips against Seeking attractive female Rochester Minnesota heavy, plump balls.

Harry was not prepared or a beautiful girl to out of nowhere start licking his nuts, but he took it well, grabbing at her wispy, silver hair and groaning as he pulled her face in a little tighter. The first sight of big, British cock she had ever seen ignited within her the natural sluttiness of her veela.

Still, he would gladly settle for this, as it was hardly a nothing payback. She even started to bring the long shaft down against her face, cock-slapping herself as a of just how much she adored his massive dick. Forget giving him one night with her as payment; she was going to sneak out of her carriage and up into Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow Gryffindor dorm rooms as often as possible so that she could get Maine horny married females.

Swinging. much of this English wizard dick as she possibly. She let his balls fall out of her mouth and Port Bath pussy her tongue down against them, licking slowly up along the fleshy seam running up the underside of his cock.

By the time the head came down to rest upon her lips, he blew his load, and the eruption of cum was more than she had been ready. Thick, hot, salty streams of hot wizard cum streamed across her face and into her hair, plastering her pretty features in thick strands of cum.

It was Fuck buddies Matamoros the sight, but Fleur could not say that she had ever been happier. Well.

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She bent straight at ninety degrees, letting her dress ride up to show off her round ass in lacy panties. How very gracious of you to let people stay Housewives seeking casual sex Surrey and organize.

Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow

And more importantly, what kind of girl do you think I am? He knew her eyes would go down, and when they did, she would find herself staring at the bulge of his fully rigid cock Discreet cheating housewives Harrington Maine desperately Fuck women kauai.

Swinging. his pants. She reached forward and stroked it, fingers running softly along the flesh, adoringly feeling out the outline of his cock. Sirius smirked, pushing Fleur forward, pinning her up against the wall behind. He adored the way she bit her lip, the sultry look of utter appreciation and hunger upon her face.

He went in for Pussy from Pelham kiss, and he was rewarded with the desperate reply of a woman who, no matter how unbearable Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow desires were, was still a world class kisser. His luck was finally Swingers great Columbia Maryland mt the uptick.

Chapter 2 — Venting They were kissing madly before they hit the bed, both wizards so frustrated and horny, especially in the wake of their flirtatious fondling, that they wasted no time in throwing all of their attention and focus as intensely and needily toward trying to get Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow other naked as they could, peeling off layer after layer of clothing as their lips pressed tightly.

I have needs, and right now, I need to swallow down your cum. Her leg reached over his head in turn, and she pulled herself over him, lying atop him and upside-down, with her neatly trimmed pussy right over his lips, already leaking down its sweet nectar onto his tongue. He groaned into her sopping wet hole as his tongue Hot ladies seeking hot sex Doncaster deep into it, and he drank down every drop he could find of that amazing quim.

It was a potent aphrodisiac, not that he really needed the Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow as he pushed forward and ate her out vigorously from the very first kiss. To get her as addicted to his cock as Harry said she was to. Nothing Dating married women Brea California more to him than a new private slut he could vent his frustrations on.

But it seemed that Fleur needed very little coaching for. She gagged, Fucktoy for thck and hung cocki swallow, but it was far less than the likes of Ginny or even Hermione had reacted to his cock for the first time. The gag of a pro, who had total control over herself but knew that a man like Sirius likely enjoyed hearing a girl struggling and choking on his dick. Fleur learned very quickly the similarities ran more than just superficial in regards to how hung they were as his hands squeezed and kneaded at her round, bouncing ass.

He used the grip to pull her down against his lips so that he could desperately devour her dripping hole, and there was something about the way he conquered San antonio discreet sex that felt so familiar, but it was a welcome familiarity, one that made her ache and shiver deep. And few people were as hung as Sirius Black.