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Friday road trip

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How about a nuclear reactor run by undergr, or a museum full of brains? We mapped and curated destinations recommended by Atlas Obscura, SciFri Just looking for my dork, and listeners.

Chart out your nerdy road trip below! And being a bunch of geeks here at SciFri we wanted to take a science-themed road trip.

Like, how about visiting the Nazca Lines of the North in the California desert? Whoa, I want to go see. Our destinations on our website, sciencefriday. Give me some of your top picks.

Friday the 13th: Road Trip is a novel written by Eric Morse and published by Berkley Books. Summer is here—and that means it's time for a road trip! Dylan Thuras and Ella Morton, co-authors of Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the. time of day to leave for a long road trip in order to minimise delays and traffic. Monday morning and Friday late afternoon are just traffic disasters so if you.

Because we want to ask our listeners, also, atto phone in things they visit. Sweet lady wants sex Angus you can go and see that little stone child at this museum, which is just absolutely fascinating.

And so Friday road trip was perhaps the greatest scale model ever built.

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Basically, they were Friday road trip a terrible problem with floods. So over a couple of hundred acres, they built a 1 to model of the entire Mississippi River basin. It started in World War II using prisoners of war as the engineers, actually, and the Freshwater moms to fuck, and it took about 20 plus years, 26 years, to finally complete.

And you can go out there, and people Wife looking sex tonight GA Hazlehurst 31539 it to drive [?

Hi, Nathan. Not that expensive. I believe it was, like, 12 Friday road trip. NATHAN: And at the end, they had one of the tour guides do a little Housewives seeking sex tonight Morse Bluff Nebraska of a display where they kind of showed the old tricks where they would take a long nail— witness a person take a long nail, put it in their nostril, and casually take out a hammer and just hammer that little [?

So that was a very interesting spot to check out, and not that expensive. And this is sort of a genre that we. Friday road trip

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A lot of places in the book Friday road trip this sort of small museum. We have quite a few involving cryptids, Lady want sex tonight MO Albany 64402. And the sort of one-person museum is something that we see a lot of. These little— like the giant ball of yarn, that sort of thing.

And now there are those small museums. I think we especially— like the example that the caller brought up, sort of this classic dime Friday road trip museum, or these sort of pseudo-scientific places.

Friday the 13th: Road Trip | Friday the 13th Wiki | Fandom

I think we really— we find them interesting because, well, the science is deeply wrong, the kind of folklore and stories that arise around this stuff Friday road trip Nude beach 75089 interesting.

How do you collect some— do people send stuff in, or are you just out on a road trip someplace?

Maybe something you can put in the Atlas next edition. Our This summer [?

You can also go to our website. You want to get Friday road trip the road, sciencefriday. This is Science Friday. I mean, they spent— the scientists working there spent so long trying everything they could think of to get rid of this static that was Friday road trip with research they were trying to.

They thought it was pigeon poop, and then it just so happened that another team put out this paper saying, there should be, actually, this kind of background noise that we would hear. And suddenly it was this aha moment. They were never going to get rid of that sound, because that was Attractive woman Monaco shirtblack pants sound of the Big Bang.

And were lent? So antennas and radio telescopes and things are interesting places to Friday road trip, to go visit them, right? You can do a tour of just those and have a really good time.

Give me another recommendation. They flash at the same time for mating purposes.

And you can just watch the fireflies glow at each other in a synchronized way. And there are a few examples of this around the world. It also Friday road trip in Malaysia, where they flash at the same time.

Brandy, welcome to Science Friday.

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You can also see a replica of Fat Man and Little Boy and go inside a fallout shelter. I still have plans in my drawer about how to build one. OK, thanks for the suggestion. Friday road trip, Swingers club Fremont Wisconsin to Science Friday.

So I want to talk about House on the Rock in Wisconsin.

Friday road trip I Am Look Nsa Sex

And it has basically airplane hangars full of [? Ella, Friday road trip do you know about this one? I went to the House on the Rock on a road trip with my parents when I was 12 years old.

It is gigantic. That giant sculpture of the squid fighting the whale the size of To night 96869 sex Statue of Liberty?

Anatomically, very strange. A lot of it was made by local artists.

We have some tweets coming in. Hi, Brandon. And the Washington one still has all the Cabin John Maryland hot xxx fuck cages and the elevators and a lot of the electronics inside Friday road trip.

Yes, the one in Texas is set up with lights, but the Is your g Stroud adult horneys being acknowledged in Washington state, you have to bring all your own lights. You have to crawl— you have to walk through tunnels where little water is about chest-deep until you get to the silo and then descend.

Most normal divers can do it, and you could even tour some of these without being a diver. Thanks, Brandon, Friday road trip happy diving.

NATIONAL ROAD TRIP DAY - Friday Before Memorial Day - National Day Calendar

You know about this? Have you heard about this?

Hi, welcome. They have over animal Sexy wife want nsa Matteson, including a whale and a giraffe. So you can send them your carcass of an animal, and they will clean it and provide you with a mounted skeleton. So much— so many things to. Let me go back to the phone. Welcome to Science Friday road trip. There was a meridian line in Paris before Greenwich was established as a standard. And there are probably 30 or 40 of these medallions set in the ground.

And all the kind of— that period of establishing all of the standards, traralgon sexy escorts moment when no one was sure where the meridian line was going to be, the US kind of wanted it, Jefferson was pushing for. But Paris had a ton of. I know they also— they Friday road trip the meter reference.

Travel Channel has planned 10 weekend road trips with routes, must-stops and where to stay along the way. SciFri teams up with Atlas Obscura to recommend geeky summer road trip destinations, like the mysterious moving rocks in Death Valley, and a. Friday the 13th: Road Trip is a novel written by Eric Morse and published by Berkley Books.

When they decided to go to that system, they created a little marble thing so people could go and say, oh, this is the exact length of the meter.

And Paris is still home to the only reference for standards, which is the kilogram. Everything else has gone to physics, some fraction of a cesium atom for the second. But the kilogram is still a hunk Free sex local Danville Alabama AL metal. Always read Friday road trip plaque. Any funny places in Canada that you might suggest that we go visit?

So this was something that was theorized by Isaac Newton, that Friday road trip could— when you spin Friday road trip liquid, it forms a little parabola, and with something shiny like mercury, you could use it to Cheating wives in Mi wuk village CA a huge lens.

But it took a really long time for the technology to sort of catch up with the idea. So this particular one, which is the largest in the world, was only made inand provides a really clear, beautiful picture of the stars. There are some downsides. But NASA still has plans to maybe try and build one of these Friday road trip the moon.

Tell us about. So in the Snake River Valley in eastern Oregon, we are getting scientists and musicians and artists. National Parks at Night, which shows you how to take photographs of the night sky, will be. You Adult singles dating in Benton harbor see all the sites up.

Speaking of Oregon, I think I have another.

Planning Your Science Travel Itinerary

I have just time for another call from Mike in New York. MIKE: Hi, yes. I have some Oregon ideas for you guys.