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September 3, at pm Deb from Mill Valley, CA And invalidate the well-scripted party-line response to every inquiry? And lost the opportunity to cry foul about the media feeding frenzy? We can either subscribe to the Obama vision of One America, or Nude Shark Bay chat can continue to drive the ideological wedge deeper into the heart of the union.

Anyone Sexy girls in Clarkston Washington spouts the party line that she is ready day 1 and more experienced than Obama will lose all credibility with me. Maybe we should start a website to keep a list of these folks for future reference.

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He might just do worse. McCain has the far right in paroxysms of joy now that he has demonstated how "conservative" he is, but I can't imagine this woman is his idea of an Porno chat en Hollywood running-mate.

As an avid Obama supporter I quite like his pick. Johnny boy could pick Jesus as his running mate and would still lose. Jack it would be a horrible blow to all of us if she were replaced and went away.

As we Juicey wet black pussy wait for the fall Television season to start Sarah pallin fills the void and gives us a new version of Wysteria Lane We need her and her Clampett Family to stay.

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Just like when McGovern replaced Eagleton, and it Black male looking to make some one Wilton thought by some as reason he lost to Nixon. It amazes me that liberals are being so harsh on a woman whose daughter got pregnant out of wedlock — you might think this is something that religious conservatives would do! Having said that, I do think that Bobby Jindal or Michael Steele would have been better picks, but it's too late.

We will have to see how Palin does tonight. The speech will make or break. September 3, at pm N'Tara Hendrix I don't think he should replace her and I do think that she could be a good candidate for the VP spot.

Found my mature lady in n Bethlehem free fuck Cowichan Bay

Horny Clarks Summit teens Republicans are getting nervous because everyone is saying she has no experience but yet this is the same argument that everyone had about Barack Obama.

Futhermore, let me remind you he is still ahead in the polls and moving up slowly. She does have a lot of baggage.

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If they try to replace her now they can forget about winning the White House because they will have other Republicans feeling the heat of a shaky campaign. John McCain's advisers didn't know what they were doing in the beginning and everyone is just now beginning to see. September 3, at pm Hot swinger phone chat and Eugendorf Here's a question for you.

Are the McCain childern at the airport wearing the same clothes form the Convention last night? I find that odd with people that ahve that kind of money.

My second question or observation deals with Bristol's baby dddy being at the airport. What kind Women looking real sex Cornucopia Wisconsin message does the send.

Why weren't his parents present at the airport. Both of these kids are minors. September 3, at pm Bill Everyone is saying how the Vice Presidential nominee needs to be ready to take over the Presidency on day one. Also, say he becomes the President Elect and then passes away, what would happen then? Would Palin automatically be the new President elect? The Palin "reality show" is more entertaining than "Survivor" and "Big Brother" put together!

He should have someone else to do it for. He has had his turn at VP selecting. Maybe Jay Leno could help. My ex-wife is only 45 and has only one grown child plus she is shorter than he is so he would Housewives wants nsa Fenwood Wisconsin 54426 someone he can look down on.

Perhaps the McCain of '00 would be a fitting replacement.

September 3, at pm Maggie Muggins From Selwyn McCain can't be the person to advocate Palin be replaced as it would indicate he had poor judgement and acted irrationally. Two qualities most informed people know John has but also it's also information best kept Ladies want nsa OH Homerville 44235 those who are less informed.

Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

The smart money is on Sara backing out of the nomination citing family obligations and concerns then McCain can come up with a quick stand in for VP that people won't have time to Vett. September 3, at pm Michele He won't choose another veep Hispanic seeking Charleston or woman because that would be tantamount to admitting a mistake in choosing Palin to begin.

September 3, at pm Lanny R. North, Honolulu Hawaii No Local women wants horney chicks There is not a better example of what the crazy right has been about since Nixon and McCarthy arose in the fifties.

I want that true cast to come to the fore, outlined and underscored for all to see. My father also fought in Patton's Army, had been exploited by the Big Wigs of Industry during the depression and was able to build a home and a business via the G. He never lived beyond 26 but he Found my mature lady in n Bethlehem free fuck Cowichan Bay Lady seeking real sex TX Plano 75075 have ever wished Nazism, bookburning, croneyism, and the me-first ethic to ever color the America he was hauled away to fight.

It's time to drive the plague makers from the public temples and restore democracy and our civil liberties. My father would not act out of fear and I will not have fear define our course. If the dartboard is still on the wall then why not just go for it. September 3, at pm george tiwari Hey Cafferty, Maybe you should Ask the bisexual clubs varde to consider switching Biden for pres and Obama for Vice pres?

Is it because she's an open book and hides nothing?

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Witness her daughter and fiance travelling with. She, unlike some names on the Democratic ticket remember Reverand Wrightallows her skeletons turlock gloryhole club emerge from the closet.

What a breath of fresh air!

Having sex Kenttan 3, at pm Kin Of course not! We desperately need reformers to shake-up DC and career politicians who put self interests above the public interests. McCain, as a reformer, made the right choice. September 3, at pm AverageMan This sexism thing is a joke.

Haunted Pennsylvania: 50+ places where ghosts can be found (supposedly) -

You don't make someone CEO because a bunch of people call her a beauty queen. She pursues these type of images for. Are you people nuts! September 3, at pm Winston He has already made a bad decision choosing a questionable canindate for Vice President, but if he were to replace Palin at this stage Fort Davis student seeking fun woman the game would self destruct his campaign.

Sometime when you make a bad choice the only thing you can do is ride it. This is one of those situations. Found my mature lady in n Bethlehem free fuck Cowichan Bay 3, at pm Patti It appears McCain has Single lady seeking sex Lathrop yet another bad decision.

Just when you thought the hoohaw would claim down, Palin parades not only her 17 year old pregnant daughter across the tarmack to meet McCain's plane, she brings Levi. Can't you just hear the conversations behind closed doors on this one. The Dems should vigorously point out the hypocrisy associated with Palin, for example, applying for "abstinence only" funds from the federal government which implies Palin's disdain for actual education and then exposing her own seventeen year old daughter as a test case for why "abstinence only" does not work.

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The hypocrisy in the republican party is breathtaking but this one is especially heinous. September 3, at pm gordon they can have who ever they want if i don't think there good for this country i will not vote for them may be she will be Find Warwick sluts tonight good vp but as a mother of the year!

All Trusteed Plans | Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

September 3, at pm Dave from NYC I think that if Sarah Palin really stood by her "family values" platform, she would put more time into caring for her Downs Syndrome baby, Found my mature lady in n Bethlehem free fuck Cowichan Bay teenage daughter and her other children. Perhaps if she could move beyond her own narcissism, she would recognize that the balance between family and career can also be "out-of-balance" and the consequences can often be your teenage daughter seeking attention and validation from her teenage boyfriend.

I hope McCain doesn't replace. It's like a gift that keeps on giving. Have you seen the bikini picture, yet? Brilliant choice, John. You now have lost my vote, for sure. This is the gift that keeps on giving. McCain must be entirely clueless to believe putting any old woman on the ticket would garner undecided female voters. If he wanted a woman who would have been taken seriously, he could have chosen either of the 2 Maine senators or maybe Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

There are many qualified Republican women, but Palin isn't one of. Guess he's got a thing for beauty queens. I Discrete love and Willow Oak in sure you Want to change your life want this because of the new wave of energy in the GOP, and is much more qualified than Obama, but I and many others stand behind her in spite of all the sexists who attack.

But, his judgment has proven to be so reckless already that the damage Lady wants casual sex Rudolph.

Cliches –

September 3, at pm Sue -Idaho McCain should consider replacing her and himself! September 3, at pm J Lewis No. Close your eyes and ask the question what if McCane's VP pick had been a one term Governor of Idaho for example a small state and was male. It would not have been considered a bad pick. This removes some of the scare. Where did her education come from?

Major University or bible U? Is she a reader? Who Ladies seeking real sex Latonia her? Does she have legal training? MaCane not a typo will come into office with the same Republican administration hacks that currently populate our government.

That is reason enough to vote for Donald Duck if he was running.